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Impulso Morelia is the direct outcome of FICM's initiatives to enhance discussions and sharing of filmmaking ideas and boost Mexican talent's global visibility. Its inspiration and design are the work of José María Riba, a tireless promoter of Mexican cinema, whose enthusiastic participation as a programmer contributed to the consolidation of this initiative.

Conceived as a scenario for open and productive discussions between Mexican filmmakers and global film professionals this section presents a lineup of Mexican feature films in post-production. These films are commented on by an International Panel of Experts who provide insights for enhancing the finalization and future distribution of the chosen projects.

The participating titles, carefully selected with the quality in character with the Morelia festival, are presented by their teams within this professional encounter. Moreover, in each edition of Impulso Morelia, awards and aid are given to contribute to the conclusion, advertising, and visibility of the participating proposals.

Films like Sueño mexicano by Laura Plancarte (Hot Docs, 2024), La montaña by Diego Enrique Osorno (Rotterdam, 2023), Zapatos rojos by Carlos Eichelmann Kaiser (Venecia, 2022), Sanson and Me by Rodrigo Reyes (Tribeca, 2022), La paloma y el lobo by Carlos Lenin Treviño (Locarno, 2019), Esto no es Berlín by Hari Sama (Sundance, 2019), La Mami  by Laura Herrero Garvin (IDFA, 2019), La caótica vida de Nada Kadić by Marta Hernaiz (Berlinale, 2018), La libertad del diablo by Everardo González (Berlinale, 2017), Extraño pero verdadero by Michel Lipkes (Rotterdam, 2017), or Tempestad by Tatiana Huezo (Berlinale, 2016), were featured in previous editions of this initiative, achieving great international recognition.