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1998 | Color | 118 min

A portrayal of the experiences of a journalist and his attorney who visit Las Vegas to report on a motorcycle race in the desert. However, they soon abandon their work and begin experimenting with alcohol and hallucinogenic drugs. The succession of visually impressive scenes bitterly reflect the decadence of U.S. culture. Terry Gilliam’s Trilogy of Americana, that began with The Fisher King and followed by 12 Monkeys, ends with this film.

Country: Estados Unidos
Direction: Gilliam; Terry
Script: Gilliam; Terry, S. Thompson; Hunter, Grisoni; Tony
Production: Cassavetti; Patrick, Nabulsi; Laila, Nemeth; Stephen
Photography: Pecorini; Nicola
Sound: Abrahamsen; David
Music: Cooper; Ray
Cast:Ricci; Christina, Depp; Johnny, Del Toro; Benicio
Art direction: Gorak; Chris
Participation year at FICM: 2010

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