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1958 | B/N | 84:00

Agileo, a government employee, builds a road in a town. At first, the villagers scorn him, but a letter from the government persuades them of his importance and they start to treat him well. The town cacique lets him marry his daughter and Agileo inherits his position after the man’s death. After years of abusing his power, Agileo dies. Among his belongings is the government letter, which is merely a dismissal order due to incompetence.

Direction: Korporaal; Giovanni
Script: de la Cabada; Juan, Korporaal; Giovanni
Production: Thomas; Norman M., Salinas de Duff; Rebeca
Photography: Reuter; Walter
Sound: Rodríguez; Enríque
Music: Velázquez; Leonardo
Cast:Morett; Leandro, Guerrero; Hermelinda, González; Jorge, Soto; Roberto M., Gutiérrez; José, Ríos; Manuel, Ramos; María Luisa
Art direction: Thomas; Norman M.
Participation year at FICM: 2017

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