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El águila y el gusano
2023 | Color | 143:00

The fates of an eloquent politician; his advisor, a disenchanted journalist; and the attractive owner of a beauty salon whose walls hide a secret, are intertwined in a hilarious story (based on the novel by Hugo Hiriart) about our convulsive present. The characters aren’t rooted in any particular person; together, though, they capture the spirit of our times.

Country: México
Direction: Schyfter; Guita
Script: Hiriart; Hugo, Schyfter; Guita. basado en la novela homónima de Hugo Hiriart.
Production: Schyfter; Guita
Photography: Hiriart; Sebastián, AMC
Sound: Ayala; Jonathan, Barberis; Nerio
Music: Echevarría; Jesús
Cast:Alonso; Marcelo, Heredia; Dolores, Jaramillo; Germán, Aragón; Angélica, Castelo; Horacio, Almela; Laura, Trejoluna; Gerardo, Alarcón; Alan, Fabiana Perzabal; Fabiana, Maillé; Claudette, Carballo; Mardonio, Duarte; Roberto, Barraza; Gilberto, Nassourou; Ma
Art direction: Bellido; Ana
Participation year at FICM: 2023

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