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2020 | Color | 105:00

Four teenagers face the tragedy and absurdity of being young in Mexico City: Martin catches hell for publicly declaring his love; Daniel wants to be treated like an adult, which gets him into trouble with the law; Dulce is a bully who longs to be loved; and Pedro is a kid who suddenly stops speaking like a normal person. They all share one irritating obstacle: grown-ups.

Country: México
Direction: Armella; Carlos
Script: Armella; Carlos
Production: d’Ornano; Marion, Martínez Ulanosky; Diego, Aedo; Yadira
Photography: Amann; Ximena
Sound: Tamez; Pablo, Juárez; Omar
Music: Mier; Carlos
Cast:Iñaki Godoy, Mario Palmerín, Rodrigo Cortés, Arce; Daniela
Art direction: Martínez; Connie, Gallardo; Christian
Participation year at FICM: 2020

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The Land of Silence

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The Clean Hands

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Happiness is a long journey that begins on a rare and special day.

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