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2013 | Color | 125 min

The romantic and magical story of Chloe, a beautiful woman who suffers from a rare illness caused by a lily that grows in her lungs. Her loving boyfriend, a successful inventor named Colin, will do anything in his power to find the cure.


Country: Francia
Direction: Gondry; Michel
Script: Vian; Boris, Bossi; Luc
Production: Castano; Xavier, Bossi; Luc, Lemal; Genevieve
Photography: Beaucarne; Christophe
Sound: Mertens; Pierre, Mouterde; Raphaël, Le Bras; Guillaume
Music: Charry; Étienne
Cast:Elmaleh; Gad, Sy; Omar, Lebon; Charlotte, Chabat; Alain, Tautou; Audrey, Duris; Romain, Torreton; Philippe, Maïga; Aïssa
Art direction: Rosenbaum; Stéphane, Renson; Pierre
Participation year at FICM: 2013

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