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1995 | Color | 129 min

It’s the year 2035. Prisoner James Cole is offered his freedom if he first agrees to participate in a scientific experiment that takes him back in time so that he can gather information about a devastating virus. We then meet Cole, in the year 1990, who is incarcerated in a psychiatric asylum. As Cole plans his escape, he begins to wonder if his mission to the past is not a product of his own delirium. This intense film is inspired by the medium-length cult film, La Jetée by Chris Marker (1962), a science fiction classic.

Country: Estados Unidos
Direction: Gilliam; Terry
Script: Kruger; Ehren
Production: Bobker; Daniel, Roven; Charles
Photography: Thomas Sigel; Newton
Sound: Pollard; Imogen
Music: Buckmaster; Paul
Cast:Willis; Bruce, Pitt; Brad, Plummer; Christopher, Stowe; Madeleine
Participation year at FICM: 2010

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