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Traditional Michoacan Cooks

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Michoacán is ready to conquer its visitors through the palate. It is known as the cradle of Mexican gastronomy. The state's culinary heritage is perceived in every detail, from the sourcing of ingredients to the way they are prepared and cooked.  

The culinary tradition is kept alive through traditional cooks, who have been in charge of protecting and preserving ancestral techniques and recipes. One of its key tasks is the conservation of the use of utensils for the preparation of artisanal dishes, such as the comal, the metate and the molcajete.

Some have even become entrepreneurs and have established their own businesses, as a way to boost local tourism and promote the Michoacan tradition beyond the territory.

Cocineras y cocineros tradicionales de Michoacán

Here are some of Michoacán's traditional cooks:

Ana María Helorza Patiño

Visitors don't need to go far to enjoy traditional Michoacan cuisine. In the heart of the state, Ana María Helorza's cuisine captivates any palate with a menu consisting of enchiladas, accompanied by marinade, chicken or beef jerky, as well as local specialties aporreadillo and morisqueta. 

Where: 5 de Febrero #590, Col. Centro. 58000 Morelia, Morelia

Eduardo Garibay

The culinary heritage of Antonina González, in Tzintzuntzan, is kept alive through this cook. Dishes such as trout broth, charales, mole de jitomate and corundas evoke the atmosphere and tradition of the lake region in the Michoacan capital. 

Where: Aldama #157-A, Col. Centro. 58000 Morelia, Morelia

María Luviano

Dessert lovers can't say goodbye to Michoacán without trying María Luviano's creations first. It began as a family heritage. His place has about 30 years of experience in the preparation of artisanal ice creams, morelianas and wafer cones filled with various flavours.  

Where: Atuno 25, Cd Jardín, 58337 Morelia, Mich.

Rosario Vera Landa

Rosario's cuisine is found in the artisan village of Capula. The recommendations are their Mexican treats, such as tlacoyos, huaraches and gorditas, with artisanal seasoning, as well as her white pozole. The drinks that stand out are the atole and fresh water. 

Where: José Ma. Morelos #161, Barrio San Miguel. 58331 Capula, Morelia

María Luisa Vera Landa

Also a native of Capula, María charms the palates of visitors with her dishes prepared in her stone kitchen. Dishes as guajolote with mole, pipián and torreznos with habas. 

Where: Calle Gral. Epitacio Huerta 142, Barrio de Dolores, 58331 De Dolores, Mich.

Mireya Talavera

In the Pátzcuaro region, Mireya Talavera keeps alive the culinary tradition she inherited from her mother. Dishes such as churipo, corundas and chile relleno are prepared by Mireya through ancestral utensils and techniques. 

Where: Emiliano Zapata s/n, Col. Tzurumútaro. 61615 Patzcuaro, Patzcuaro