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Get to Know The Indigenous Paradises in Michoacán



Michoacán is part of the "Paraísos indígenas" program, which since 2015 has brought together tourist attractions with high natural, cultural and historical value under the protection of indigenous communities. The project seeks to allow villages to share part of their culture, traditions and landscapes with visitors, all while respecting their habits and customs.      

Currently, the state has around 10 places recognized as indigenous paradises. These are: Cabañas turísticas Palma Sola, Campamento Punta Ixtal, Centro Ecoturístico Balneario Puentecillas, Centro Ecoturístico Cabañas Yunuen, Centro Ecoturístico Pantzingo, Centro Turístico San Marcos, Colola, Desarrollo Ecoturístico Faro de Bucerías, Parador Turístico La Ticla and Parador Turístico Los Arcángeles de Huatzikiro. 

Cabañas turísticas Palma Sola

Palma Sola

The beach offers a dreamlike landscape that catches the eye from the first moment. Visitors can enjoy the local flora and fauna while exploring the place or take a boat ride around the Manzanilla Islands. 

They can also appreciate and support the textile and handmade art of the indigenous community of Santa María Ostula.

Where: Callejón Las Palmas 7, Palma Sola, Aquila.

Campamento Punta Ixtal

Campamento Punta Ixtal

This camp functions as a strategic point for the promotion and organization of activities in favor of the environment. On one hand, the indigenous community of Ixtapilla receives the Olive ridley, hawksbill, black and leatherback turtles between July and December, and provides support for their release. 

On the other hand, reforestation activities are carried out on native timber trees such as mahogany, purpleheart, primavera, coral, cueramo, among others. 

Where: Av. Tsíri, 60883 Ixtapilla, Mich.

Centro Ecoturístico Balneario Puentecillas

Balneario Puentecillas

Its attractions range from thermal waters with temperatures of 38°C and 40°C to monarch butterfly sanctuaries. Downtown offers relaxation spaces, such as therapeutic mud areas, massages, temazcal and nature appreciation. Visitors can even purchase herbal products. 

Where: Los Azufres S/N, Los Azufres, 61101 Cd Hidalgo, Mich.

Centro Ecoturístico Cabañas Yunuen

Centro Ecoturístico Cabañas Yunuen

It is the ideal place if you want to enjoy Lake Pátzcuaro in all its glory, including its sunsets. Water activities are part of the basic itinerary. From zip lines of 550 meters capable of injecting doses of adrenaline, to touring the surroundings aboard a kayak. 

It is also possible to be part of the fishing of charal, mojarra and other local species. 

Where: Isla de, 61616 Yunuén, Mich.

Centro Ecoturístico Pantzingo

Centro Ecoturístico Pantzingo

Visitors will be able to tour the surroundings of the Paricutín Volcano, which covered the nearby villages of lava. Downtown offers information about its origin and its significant relationship with the Purépecha culture.   

Where: 60490 Nuevo San Juan Parangaricutiro, Mich.

Centro Turístico San Marcos

Centro Turístico San Marcos

Hiking, camping, temazcal and gotcha are some of the activities that can be done in this place located on the foothills of Cerro de San Marcos. The place offers several options for relaxing and staying in touch with nature, such as admiring the local flora and fauna and camping under the night landscape of Michoacán. 

Where: At Km 32 of the Carápan-Uruapan road, in Cherán



Also called the Black Turtle Capital of the World, it is a camp for the preservation and release of the black and leatherback species. Volunteers can participate in various activities to improve the habitat of sea turtles, as well as learn about the importance of this natural phenomenon. 

Where: Lázaro Cárdenas 156, Aquila.

Desarrollo Ecoturístico Faro de Bucerías

Desarrollo Ecoturístico Faro de Bucerías

The blue waters of this indigenous paradise are the perfect setting for multiple water activities. Visitors can explore the surrounding area by boat, as well as go sport fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Not to mention the possibility of enjoying the presence and songs of local birds, such as pelicans and seagulls. 

Where: On Highway 200 Manzanillo-Zihuatanejo; at kilometer 173

Parador Turístico La Ticla

la ticla michoacán

It is the ideal place to marvel at the beauty of the Michoacan coast. Local traditions and nature come together to deliver amazing experiences. Surfing is one of the most popular, even for beginners thanks to classes taught by instructors in the region. The Ostula River is also a stop for lovers of water activities, especially from July to September, by the 10-meter-high waterfall. 

On the other hand, the local culture lives through the different religious festivals, as well as the traditional crafts carved in wood and clay. 

Where: Naciones Unidas S/N, 60880 La Ticla, Mich.

Parador Turístico Los Arcángeles de Huatzikiro

Los Arcángeles de Huatzikiro michoacán

Visitors to this indigenous paradise will be able to learn about the customs and crafts of the Cherán community. They can also learn traditional medicine, go hiking and go camping in the forest. The place is also ideal for delving into local history and traditions. 

Where: 60270, Kakatziro 43, Barrio 1, Cherán, Mich.