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Magical Towns of Michoacán: Angangueo and Cotija

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Michoacán has ten magical towns that protect the culture and traditions of the state. In them, the visitors can enjoy the local gastronomy, admire the lovely natural landscapes, and spend time with the community through their customs and festivities where the indigenous legacy still remains.

Among these are two, whose touristic attractions stand out for their diversity and the preservation of the state's uniqueness. Learn more here about Angangueo and Cotija. 

Angangueo, between mining and the monarch butterflies

Angangueo was granted the designation of magical town on March 21, 2012. Its mining tradition and its monarch butterfly sanctuaries draw the attention and interest of visitors in search of adventure.

The town is surrounded by wooded hills that, between November and March, serve as the rendezvous spot for millions of monarch butterflies. To this end, Angangueo has the Sierra Chincua and El Rosario sanctuaries.


Its location offers tourists incredible panoramic views from observation decks such as the Monumento al Minero or Cruz de Hierro. In addition, its interior stands out for its architecture with buildings such as the Temple of the Immaculate Conception, with a Gothic structure, and the parish of San Simón Celador.

How to get there: From Morelia to Mineral de Angangueo, the trip by car is about 1h 53m. 

Cotija, the new magical town of Michoacán

The most recent magical town designation for Michoacán was granted to Cotija, celebrated on the past June 26th. The town, located in the western limits to the Jalisco state, draws tourists who wish to fulfill their curiosity and satisfy all their senses through history, architecture, and gastronomy.

This site preserves the colonial legacy through its buildings such as the parish of Nuestra Señora de Popolo, better known as the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, whose construction dates back to the 16th century. Another unmissable stop is the Main Square, with a statue of José María Morelos y Pavon that captures your attention in an instant.



Cotija is also home to the famous cheese of the same name. Its solid consistency and characteristic salty flavor make it one of the most popular attractions to visit the town. In addition to tasting the authentic recipe, visitors can learn more about how it is made.

How to get there: From Morelia to Cotija, the trip by car is about 3h 4m.