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2017 | Color | 93:40

Witkin & Witkin explores the world of identical twins: Joel-Peter, famous photographer, and Jerome, painter and teacher. An intensely human film that addresses the philosophy behind their practices, art, and personal relationships. We meet the women in their lives, granting us access to their artistic world. This is a film about perception and aging, about two artists working in different media and who shared more of their past than their present.

Direction: Ziff; Trisha
Script: Ziff; Trisha
Production: Arenas; Luis, del Rio; Isabel, Ziff; Trisha
Photography: Pérez Burchard; Felipe
Sound: Argüero; Percival
Music: Lieberman; Jacobo
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2017

Director Movies

Oaxacalifornia: The Return

An intimate portrait of three generations of a Mexican-American family in California, Oaxacalifornia: The Return revisits the Mejía family 25 years after they were first portrayed negotiating their place in a new environment, digging deep into the complexities of multi-generational immigrant identities and the nuances of both belonging and otherness to become a moving epic about the fabric of the United States.

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The Man Who Saw Too Much

A film about fragility; about a man obsessed with photographing the accident who discovered that the fate of others was his way of connecting to life. When does the image of the accident become the object of desire? Following the footsteps of Metinides and the work of contemporary tabloid photographers, we discover Mexico City through a narrative of crime scenes and accidents; rubbernecking though Metinides' Gaze.

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The Mexican Suitcase

In 2007, 4,500 negatives of images taken from the Spanish Civil War by Robert Capa, David Seymore and Gerda Taro were recovered in Mexico City. In the same year, the Spanish Congress passed the Historical Memory Law. The Mexican Suitcase traces the journey of the negatives and the complexity of understanding the past in Spain today.

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