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2014 | Color | 88

World War Two. Tsili, a young Jewish woman, is hiding in the forest, south of Czernowicz. Her family has been deported to the camps. One day, Marek discovers her hideout. He is Jewish too, and he hides with her. At one point, he goes down to the village to look for food and never returns. The war ends. Tsili walks to the coast, where people await a boat that will take them to another land.

Country: Israel;
Direction: Gitai; Amos
Script: Gitai; Amos, Sanselme; Marie-José, Appelfeld; Aharon
Production: Gitai; Amos, Freyd; Denis, Tapuach; Michael, Truchot; Laurent, Krestinskiy; Yury, Douvidzon; Pavel
Photography: Bejach; Giora
Sound: Chen; Tulli
Music: Kochetkov; Alexej, Poznansky; Amit
Cast:Olinski; Meshi, Koenig; Lea, Tsekhman; Adam, Kashkar; Andrey, Adler; Sara
Art direction: Chernikov; Andrei
Participation year at FICM: 2014

Director Movies


A battle from the first century is re-enacted, with Hebrews fighting off an invading Roman army. These are the first scenes of a cascade of images that explore the themes of war and violence in Israeli history: the 1973 Yom Kippur War; today's terrorism and violence; the everyday conflicts that are less aggressive but equally telling; and the role of the media in feeding a culture of brutality and reprisal.

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Roses à crédit

At the end of World War Two, Marjoline, a pretty adolescent, arrives in Paris. She becomes a manicurist in a luxurious beauty salon and marries Daniel, a young horticultural researcher. Elated with the wedding gift of an apartment with all the modern conveniences, Marjoline begins to get into debt trying to furnish it, despite Daniel's pleas. Her desire to buy more and more puts the couple's happiness in danger.

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Lullaby to my father

Amos Gitai tells the story of his father, Munio Weinraub, who was a student at the Bauhaus design and architecture school in the city of Dessau, before Hitler closed the school in 1933. In May of that year, Weinraub was accused of "treason against the German people" and sent to prison, then expulsed from Germany. The film traces Weinraub's route from Poland to Germany, from Switzerland to Palestine.

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