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2004 | Color | 79 min

In The Motorcycle Diaries, director Walter Salles infuses a modern myth with humanity and dimension. Adapted from the journals of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, this lush, stirring feature depicts that episode in the life of the author when, as a young medical student, he embarked with his friend Dr. Alberto Granado on a cross-country adventure, traversing much of South America and witnessing both great beauty and great suffering. A romantic and a free spirit, but not yet the revolutionary figure later revered and reviled by countless millions, Guevara gamely embarks on a joy ride, only then to be profoundly affected by the human misery and injustice which he encounters. Effectively, he is offered a journey into his own soul, where great questions and sacrifices await him, and a great future beckons. Gael García Bernal and Rodrigo de la Serna grace this story with monumental, yet delicately human portrayals as Guevara and Granado, and Salles offers a deeply moving portrait of a conscience at the start of its great blossoming.

Country: Perú, Chile, Argentina, Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, Alemania
Direction: Salles; Walter
Script: Rivera; José
Production: Tenkhoff; Karen, Tenembaum; Edgard, Nozik; Michael
Photography: Gautier A.F.C.; Eric
Sound: Scott; Lee, Gleaves; Peter, Giraudi; Patrick, Cooper; Colin, Tendler; Víctor Alejandro, Brisson; Jean-Claude, Gaeta; Frank
Music: Santaolalla; Gustavo
Cast:Noher; Jean Pierre, Chiarella; Jorge, Morán; Mercedes, Maestro; Mía, Azócar; Jaime, Bertolotto; Sofía, Pasto; Gustavo, Espinoza; Facundo, Dumont; Ulises, Lanteri; Susana, de la Serna; Rodrigo, García Bernal; Gael
Art direction: Ott; Lauren, Conti; Carlos
Participation year at FICM: 2004

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