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2015 | Color | 96:00

Lucas, Emilio and Ruben are three adolescents bonded by their mutual friendship. Today they have a special mission: to find a bunch of missing keys in a pile of dry leaves. It may appear to be a simple task, but it will turn into a real odyssey when the situation confronts them to their own fears: leaving the past behind, coming clean about painful truths, dare to take challenges. Grow up. This afternoon might change the course of their lives. Maybe not.

Country: México
Direction: Iglesias Mendizábal; Alejandro
Script: Iglesias Mendizábal; Alejandro, Montalvo; Luis
Production: Sosa; Carlos, Sosa; Samuel, Imperiale; Laura
Photography: Montalvo; Luis
Sound: Esquerra; Cristina, Juárez; Omar
Music: Marroquín; Aldo
Cast:Guerrero S.; Alejandro, Rueda; Paco, Santini; Fabrizio
Art direction: Vargas; Marcos Demián
Participation year at FICM: 2015

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