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1991 | Color | 1h 25

The Poison in question is sex, and its toxic effects are explored in three segments: ?Hero? is a pseudo-documentary about a seven-year- old boy who shoots his father and then ascends into the sky. ?Horror? is a mad-scientist story filmed like a Roger Corman ?B?-movie. The scientist in question has managed to distill the essence of the human sex drive into a test tube. When he inadvertently drinks it, he turns into a leprous monster, terrorizing the city. ?Homo? is a gay love story set in a prison.

Country: Estados Unidos
Direction: Haynes; Todd
Script: Haynes; Todd, Genet;Jean
Production: Vachon; Christine, Schamus; James, Greenbaum; Brian
Photography: Ellsworth; Barry, Alberti; Maryse
Sound: Ellen Porto; Mary
Music: Bennett; James
Cast:Meeks; Edith, White; Millie, Smith; Buck, Giotta; Anne, Lafleur; Lydia, Nemser; Ian, Labelle; Rob, Dunsky; Evan, Lutz; Marina, Cassidy; Barry, Anthony; Richard, M Schreiber; Angela, Silverstein; Justin, Sing; Chris
Participation year at FICM: 2008

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Ben and Rose are two children from two different eras who secretly wish their lives were different. Ben longs for the father he has never known, while Rose, isolated by her deafness, grows obsessed with the career of a mysterious actress. When Ben discovers a clue that could lead to his father and Rose learns that her idol will soon appear onstage, the children embark on a quest that will take them all the way to New York.

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Carol White and her husband Greg live with their son in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. She begins to develop a strange ailment that causes her to react to various things in her surroundings. She attempts changing her diet and habits, but to no avail. Her doctor can?t find anything medically amiss, so she consults with a psychiatrist. One day she collapses. She and her doctor determine that what she has is a mild allergy. But when her condition continues to deteriorate, she seeks answers to her illness in a retreat called Wrenwood.

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Velvet Goldmine

Brian Slade, a young rock star, inspires numerous teenage boys and girls to paint their nails and explore their own sexuality. In the end Slade destroys himself. Unable to escape the role he created for himself, he plots his own murder. When his fans discover that the murder is a fake, his star falls and he is virtually forgotten. Years later, in 1984, Arthur, a journalist working for a New York newspaper, is assigned the story about the fake murder of Brian Slade. When Arthur was young he was more than a fan of Slade.

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