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2005 | Color | 120 min

Martin abandons his hometown and travels to Mexico City in a difficult journey that reflects his own state of mind. The desolation of the landscapes mirrors that of his soul, which finds momentary solace in Laura, a waitress with too many secrets and inner torments.

Country: México
Direction: Benet; Ricardo
Script: Benet; Ricardo
Production: Bárcenas; Julio, Benet; Ricardo
Photography: Boege; Martín
Sound: Barberis; Matías, Muñoz Cota Callejas; Isabel
Music: González; Guillermo
Cast:Muñoz; Lucía, Estrada; David Aarón, del Monte; Mayahuel, Morett; Gina, Pérez Castro; Fernando, Palomares; Martín
Participation year at FICM: 2006

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Roberto, an illegal Mexican immigrant who washes the windows of New York City’s skyscrapers, has a relationship with Susan, a New York filmmaker who is editing a documentary about suicides in Mexico City’s subway. Their affair is based on mutual admiration and a deep understanding of each other. Nonetheless, one day Susan suddenly disappears. Roberto begins searching for her and eventually finds her in the least expected place...

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Anywhere A brief encounter between a woman who spends her free time watching planes take off and land, incapable of leaving, and a traveler without a home, incapable of staying

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