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2009 | Color | 90 min

When a long-lost record of the legendary Mexican band Botellita de Jerez, the creators of Guaca Rock,? is found and becomes a huge success, the executives at Mexican Records hire a private detective to track down the missing band members in the hopes of putting on a reunion concert. He finds one of them in a psychiatric hospital and another among the homeless in the streets of L.A. Will these has-beens be able to play again?

Country: México
Direction: Arau; Sergio
Script: Vega-Gil; Armando, Barrios; Francisco, Arau; Tihuí, Arau; Sergio
Production: Arau; Rossana
Photography: Barroso; Gerardo
Sound: Molina; Miguel, Franco; Mauricio
Music: Molotov; Molotov, Café Tacuba;, de Jerez; Botellita
Cast:Loret de Mola; Carlos, Luis Domínguez; José, Roco; Roco, López; Jaime, Grobet; Lourdes, Tex; Lalo, Ricco; Carina, Nava; Lino, Sarquiz; Oscar, Esquivel; Laura, Monsiváis; Carlos, Rocha; Ricardo, Enciso; Gerardo, Montero; Pablo, Ángel Solís; Miguel, Vega-Gil; Armando, Molotov; Molotov, Yucatán A Go Go;, Tacvba; Café, de Abajo; Los, Perezgrovas; Sergio, Bolavsky; Dr., Gamboa; Alejandro, Lara; Marcelo, Valdés; Javier, San José; Susana, Bichir; Bruno, Moret; Gina, Bichir; Demián, Barrios; Francisco, Arau; Sergio, Arizmendi; Yareli
Art direction: Santiso; Juan
Participation year at FICM: 2011

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