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2013 | Color | 75 min 53 seg

After her parents’ separation, eight-year-old Caro moves in with her mother and her stepfather, Felipe. Even though her mother makes it clear that she will never see her father again, Caro wants nothing more than for him to return. Feeling abandoned, she seeks refuge near the well in the backyard of their house, a secret place. As she grows up, distant from her mother, Caro discovers a secret about her father that will change her forever.

Country: México
Direction: Rowe; Michael
Script: Rowe; Michael
Production: Levín; Julián, García Bernal; Gael, Sampson; Arturo
Photography: García; Diego
Sound: Díaz; Sergio
Cast:Picazzo; Arnoldo, Arredondo; Tania, Macías Galván; Zaili Sofía
Art direction: Caballero; Eugenio
Participation year at FICM: 2013

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