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2004 | Color | 106 min

A story in three temporal planes about two men of different nationalities and fate, united by their love of flying. The younger one, Chilean-born Max, is already 50 when he hears gunfire: soldiers have risen up against Salvador Allende's attempt to institute democracy. This event awakens memories of another war

Country: Francia
Direction: Ruiz; Raúl
Script: Rui; Raúl
Production: Masmontei; Marie, Carot; Denis
Photography: Marinesc; Ion
Sound: Morel; Philippe
Music: Arriagada; Jorge
Cast:Denicourt; Marianne, Delarme; Julie, Colin; Christian, Florentin Ilie; Robert, Colin; Grégoire, Cluzet; François, Paredes; Marisa, Cordier; Laurence
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2005

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