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2004 | Color | 158 min

In Time Regained, Ruiz discovers the impossible: the intangible timelessness that was the object of Proust's novels, blending the baroque and the surreal. The result is a montage of moving snapshots and feverish dreams which make this the ultimate film in Proustian cinema

Country: Francia
Direction: Ruiz; Raúl
Script: Ruiz; Raúl, Taurand; Gilles, Prous; Marcel
Production: Branc; Paulo
Photography: Aronovic; Ricardo
Sound: Rousseau; Gerard, Morel; Philippe
Music: Arriagada; Jorge
Cast:Deneuve; Catherine, Greggory; Pascal, Perez; Vincent, Malkovich; John, Mastroianni; Chiara, Mazzarella; Marcello, Béart; Emmanuelle, France Pisier; Marie
Participation year at FICM: 2005

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