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2008 | B/N | 103

Hélène is about to turn 75 and her children have gathered at her home in the country for a party. She has inherited a large and valuable collection of art from her brother, and with her health deteriorating she asks her children to come up with a plan to deal with the pieces when she dies. 

Country: Francia
Direction: Assayas; Olivier
Script: Assayas; Olivier
Production: Karmitz; Nathanaël, Gillibert; Charles, Karmitz; Marin
Photography: Gautier; Eric
Sound: Goinard; Olivier
Cast:Scob; Edith, Bonneton; Valérie, Sadoyan; Isabelle, Eastwood; Kyle, Remond; Dominique, Berling; Charles, Binoche; Juliette, Renier; Jérémie
Art direction: Stauff; Fanny
Participation year at FICM: 2014

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