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1954 | B/N | 90:00

 In 1969, the British man Robinson Crusoe, the only survivor of a shipwreck, arrives to a deserted island. He spends many years in solitude, until he discovers the island is inhabited by a group of savages. After facing them, he saves a native whom he names Friday. Together, they live on the island for a few more years until they are joined by other castaways. 

Direction: Buñuel; Luis
Script: Butler; Hugo (bajo el seudónimo de Philip Ansel Roll), basado en la novela de Daniel Defoe Producción: Óscar Dancigers, Buñuel; Luis
Production: Dancigers; Óscar
Photography: Phillips; Alex
Sound: González G; Jesús, Samperio; Galdino, Mateos; Javier
Music: Collins; Anthony, Hernández Bretón; Luis
Cast:O’Herlihy; Daniel, López; Chel, Chávez; José, Fernández; Jaime, De Alba; Felipe, Garibay; Emilio
Art direction: Fitzgerald; Edward
Participation year at FICM: 2016

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A priest in early twentieth-century rural Mexico embodies what the Gospels say about human goodness and mercy. After defending a prostitute who caused a fire, his once-loyal followers turn against him, backed by the authorities. As he flees, Nazario reconsiders his faith in the light of these events.

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The Young and the Damned

The influence and power exerted by “El Jaibo”, leader of a street gang, leads his followers into immorality, delinquency, and death. Luis Buñuel’s masterpiece is part of UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” Register.


*Restored by The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project at L’Immagine Ritrovata in collaboration with Fundación Televisa, Televisa, Cineteca Nacional Mexico, and Filmoteca de la UNAM. Restoration funding provided by The Material World Foundation.

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Ensayo de un crimen

Young Archibaldo de la Cruz believes that a music box can make his wishes come true. After hoping for the death of his governess, the boy witnesses her death by a stray bullet. As an adult, he is overcome by the desire to kill the women he is attracted to—but all of them die before he can consummate his fantasy.

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