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2016 | Color | 90:00

At a critical moment in her singing career, Rocío discovers that her mother is ill and that her final wish is to meet with her again before she dies. After ten years evading the past, Rocío returns to the town where she was once expelled.  In confronting her family, she comes to understand that forgiveness is the key that will allow her to realize her full potential. 

Direction: Cal y Mayor; Analeine
Script: Urquieta; Magalli, Martínez Casares; Ignacio
Production: Martínez Casares; Ignacio
Photography: Orozco; Ramón
Sound: Rey; Al
Music: Uboldi; Camila, Vega; Rocío, López; José Luis
Cast:Larios; Iazua, Salzgeber; Tony, León; María, Sandín; Víctor, Briceño; Roberto, Paz; Adriana, Reyes Spíndola; Patricia, Zaragoza; Mario, Guadalupe; Ignacio, Sánchez; Salvador, Ricco; Axel, de Santiago; Juan Pablo, Saab; Laila
Participation year at FICM: 2016

Director Movies

Sweet Death

Sweet Death follows Dr Philip Nitschke, euthanasia’s top advocate, as he loses his medical license and decides to become a stand up comedian, presenting a show that teaches euthanasia in countries where it is illegal. In parallel to this, we follow Kathy, who after attending one of Dr Nitschke's workshops travels to the Northern Mexican city of Tijuana to buy on the black market the means to kill herself should she inherit her mother's debilitating illness.

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