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1960 | B/N | 129:00

In Mexico in the 1920’s, the imminent succession of the next military leader is about to be decided. The current leader favors the candidacy of General Jiménez, a government minister, but many people are in favor of General Aguirre, minister of war. Aguirre withdraws from the race, but his supporters continue to back him. Aguirre must choose between his loyalty to the regime and the opportunity to gain power.

Direction: Bracho; Julio
Script: Cardénas; Jesús (basado en la novela de Martín Luis Guzmán), Bracho; Julio
Production: González Chávez; Rogelio
Photography: Jiménez; Agustín
Sound: L. Fields; James
Music: Lavista; Raúl
Cast:Perrín; Tomás, Ferriz; Miguel Ángel, Novaro; Tito, Junco; Tito, Cañedo; Roberto, López Moctezuma; Carlos, López Tarso; Ignacio, Gil; Bárbara
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2016

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