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2003 | Color | 81min

Unfolding on an ordinary high school day filled with class work, football, gossip and socializing, Elephant observes the comings and goings of its characters from a gentle remove. For each of the students, high school is a different experience: stimulating, friendly, traumatic, lonely, difficult. Beautiful and poetic yet deeply disturbing Elephant shows high school life as a complex landscape where the vitality and incandescent beauty of young lives can shift from light to darkness with surreal speed

Country: Estados Unidos
Direction: Van Sant; Gus
Script: Van Sant; Gus
Production: Wolf; Dany
Photography: Savides; Harris
Sound: Andrew; Félix, Shatz; Leslie
Music: Van Beethoven; Ludwig
Cast:Deulen; Eric, Robinson; John, Taylor; Jordan, Finklea; Carrie, George; Nicole, Mountain; Brittany, Miles; Alicia, Hicks; Kristen, Dixon; Bennie, Tyson; Nathan, Bottoms; Timothy, Malloy; Matt, Williams; Ellis, Frost; Alex, Mcconnell; Elias
Art direction: Hayden; Banjamin
Participation year at FICM: 2004

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