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1935 | B/N | 88:00

Dr. Forti, obsessed with finding the cure for a mysterious disease, experiments on his patients, who die one by one as a result of his medical failures. Desperate, he embarks on an expedition to distant lands to study local medicine with his son Pablo, who then leaves his girlfriend Angélica. Eight years later, the doctor returns from his trip without his son, but with a strange companion who wears a pale mask.

Country: México
Direction: Bustillo Oro; Juan
Script: Bustillo Oro; Juan
Production: Monroy; Alberto, Alcayde; José
Photography: Jiménez; Agustín
Sound: Ruiz Esparza; Rafael
Music: Ruiz; Federico
Cast:Ortiz; Natalia, Ramos; Beatriz, Arenas; Miguel, Cardona; René, Busquets; Joaquín, Villarías; Carlos
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2021

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