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2008 | Color | 80 min

A young race car driver of NASCAR México is close to winning the championship that he has worked so hard to achieve. But another team offers him a place in their ranks and he accepts the proposal, thinking his triumph with them is guaranteed. However, he faces obstacles on the new team that prevent him from attaining his dream –  winning first place in the race. As a result, he faces a moral dilemma and must make decisions that undoubtedly will determine his future.



Country: México
Direction: Bracho Castillo; Julio
Script: Ochoa; Alfonso, Sanabria; Mateo, Bracho Castillo; Julio, Portela; Gibrán
Production: Seman; Jorge, Caso; Andrés, Bracho Castillo; Julio
Photography: Herrera; Ernesto
Sound: Cruz; Elvira
Music: Tranquilino; Antonio
Cast:Brikman; Ari, De Tavira; Mariana, Paleta; Ludwika, Montiel; Andrés, Verdejo; Rocío, Murray; Rodrigo, Sefami; José, Bracho Castillo; Julio
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2010

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