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2002 | Color | 9

Alberto resorts to disturbing and extravagant means to break through the shell of his loneliness and fulfill his desires. 

Country: México
Direction: Aguirre; Salvador, Lubezki; Alejandro
Script: Lubezki; Alejandro
Production: Rade; Grazia
Photography: AMC, Lubezki; Emmanuel
Sound: Moreno; David, Mejía; Pedro, Moreno; Andrés
Music: Bellini; Vincenzo
Cast:Brickman; Ari, Perzabal; Fabiana, Echevarría; Emilio, Lubezki; Muni
Art direction: Chirinos; Mónica
Participation year at FICM:

Director Movies

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To and Fro

To and Fro. After working for 3 years in the USA, Filiberto, a proud peasant, returns to his home town in Mexico in search of the recognition that will give him a new position in life. His mother is now dead and Luis, his best friend, is married to his ex -girlfriend Soledad. Filiberto gets involved in the town´s disputes over a water spring. He helps Luis flee from the hacienda guards and takes him to Mexico city. Their ideals and values are confronted and they clash; their paths separate forever.

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