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2015 | Color | 92:00

David is a nurse who works with terminally ill patients. Meticulous, efficient, and passionate about his profession, he develops relationships that go beyond the medical context, forging true closeness with his patients. But in his personal life, David is ineffectual, awkward, and reserved. It’s clear that he needs his patients as much as they need him.

Country: México, Francia
Direction: Franco; Michel
Script: Franco; Michel
Production: Kwon; Gina, Ripstein; Gabriel, Franco; Michel, Zonana; Moisés
Photography: Cape; Yves
Sound: Gaeta; Frank
Cast:Bartlett; Robin, Cristofer; Michael, Pickup; Rachel, Sutherland; Sarah, Dastmalchian; David, McCann; Christopher, Tulloch; Bitsie, Wehle; Brenda, Coleman; Kari, Roth; Tim, Norvind; Nailea
Art direction: Kelley; Nicolas
Participation year at FICM: 2015

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From writer-director Michel Franco comes a simmering, suspenseful sharp jolt: Alice and Neil Bennett are the core of a wealthy British family on vacation in Acapulco with younger members Colin and Alexa until a distant emergency cuts their trip short. When one relative disrupts the family’s tight-knit order, surprising tensions rise to the fore.

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New Order

A lavish high-society wedding goes awry when an unexpected uprising gives way to a violent coup d’état. As seen through the eyes of the sympathetic young bride and the servants who work for—and against— her wealthy family.

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Through the Eyes

Monica is a social worker in Mexico City, whose son has a degenerative illness in both eyes. Having exhausted all other options, a corneal transplant is the only hope. Overwhelmed by the slowness of the health care system and the scarcity of resources, she decides to search for an extreme solution in her work environment: the world of street children.

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