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2010 | Color | 138 min

Uxbal is a desperately lonely man who lives in Santa Coloma, a neighborhood in Barcelona where mainly immigrants from Senegal, China and Rumania live. There he tries to balance the difficulties of survival in a marginal barrio and the struggle to safeguard the future of his small children. Suddenly, he discovers he is dying of cancer. What will his death mean for his children? What is the significance of his existence?


Country: México, España
Direction: González Iñárritu; Alejandro
Script: Giacobone; Nicolás, González Iñárritu; Alejandro, Bo; Armando
Production: Cuarón; Alfonso, González Iñárritu; Alejandro, Kilik; Jon, Bovaira; Fernando, del Toro; Guillermo
Photography: Prieto; Rodrigo
Music: Santaolalla; Gustavo
Cast:Álvarez; Maricel, Bardem; Javier, Bouchaib; Hanna, Daff; Diaryatou, Estrella; Guillermo, Fernández; Eduard, Ochandiano; Rubén, Jin; Luo
Participation year at FICM: 2010

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