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2019 | Color | 70:00

In an era when zero tolerance for undocumented immigration is commonplace and Donald Trump is trying to build higher walls, a group of deportees, determined to cross back into the US, survive by forming a homeless community about 200 feet from the border. Amid the urban chaos, two of these individuals face their emotional conflicts, caught between their troubled pasts and an uncertain future.

Country: México
Direction: Ruiz Patterson; Rodrigo, del Monte Madrigal; Juan Antonio
Script: del Monte; Juan Antonio, Ruiz Patterson; Rodrigo
Production: Ruiz Patterson; Rodrigo, del Monte; Juan Antonio
Photography: Ahumada; Argel
Sound: del Monte; Juan Antonio
Music: Santos; Alán, Martínez; Francisco
Cast:Mercado; Erika, Padilla; Abraham, Ayala; Ángel
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2019

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