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2010 | Color | 37 min 16 s

Michoacán, year 1530. Tsipa and Hopotaku are a young P'urhepecha couple who lives for their newborn child. The abuse of the couple and their people by the Spaniards, in addition to the strange appearance of an old beggar who claims to be hungry, forces them to make decisions that will change their lives.

Country: México
Direction: Rodríguez Guillén; Pavel
Script: Rodríguez Guillén; Pavel
Production: Pérez Franco; Tomás
Photography: Torres Gasca; Jairo
Sound: Wenses; Javier, Vargas; Kevin, Cortez; Salomón, Rodríguez Guillén; Pavel
Music: Rodríguez Guillén; Pavel
Cast:Santos; Blanca, Lucas Hernández; Amaruc, Carrillo Huerta; Itsi, Vega Gómez; Copernico, Pérez Franco; Tomás
Participation year at FICM: 2010

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That Was All

Many years before the arrival of the Spaniards in Michoacán, a young woman is taken to heaven by the gods. There she learns of a bad omen: foreign men will come and rule their land. This young woman must warn her people of the arrival of these men, and the imminent fall of the P?urhépecha.

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Tzintzuntzan Semana Santa

A visual compilation of religious fervor during Easter week in the Tzintzuntzan community of Ithacan from 1996 to 2006. The testimonies of the carriers at the Soledad Temple reveal the importance of the spiritual image known as The Holy Burial.

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Messanger of the Gods

Messanger of the Gods Brother Jerónimo de Alcalá, while investigating ancient Purépecha indigenous history, stumbles upon the story of Tamapucheca, a warrior and son of Tariácuri, founder of the Tarascan dominion.

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