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Ana is a curious girl who escapes from a mental institution in search of her father —so they can save her mother. With the help of the strange, delightful, fantastical beings she meets there, she embarks on a journey full of thrilling and touching adventures.

Direction: Carrera; Carlos
Script: Emil; Daniel
Production: Arroyo Abraham;, Silva Villicaña; Carmen Karina, Ortiz Arroyo; Ricardo, Herrera Hoyos; Armando, García Ontañón; Luis Enrique, García de Letona; José C., Lozano; Mónica, García; Alex, Baksht Segovia; Pablo, Arroyo Abraham; Juan Pablo, de Fuentes; Fernando
Sound: Díaz; José Luis, Gat; Diego
Music: Hernández Stumpfhauser; Víctor
Cast:Carrera Pasternac; Daniel, Mayer; Galia, de Tavira; Marina, Bonilla; Héctor, Palacios; Silverio, Alcázar; Damián, Orozco; Regina, Guerrero; Álvaro
Art direction: González Caro; Christopher, Carrera; Carlos, Fritzinger; Marec
Participation year at FICM: 2017

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