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2021 | Color | 87:02

Luis must remain hidden in a safe house during the election campaigns to follow the wishes of Andrés, the conservative party candidate for governor with whom he has a secret affair.

Country: México
Direction: Martínez García; Rafael
Script: Martínez García; Rafael
Production: Camacho; Vittorio, Martínez García; Rafael
Photography: Rincón Jiménez; César
Sound: Murguía Sotomayor; Mariano, Ramos; Iván
Music: Lepró; Mayra, Karo; Alejandro
Cast:Cervantes; Greta, Reynaud; Danae, Espitia; Armando, Moreno; Martha Claudia, Arrieta; Luis
Art direction: Hernández; Yannick, Tirado Camacho; Jessica
Participation year at FICM: 2021

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Love lasts three months

Lucia and David are convinced that love lasts no more than three months. Even so, they decide to start a relationship with the only condition of finishing it once that time has expired. This is their last date.

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The End

Diana and Marco are a couple, and they are also fans of an unfinished comic series about the adventures of Mexican wrestler Máscara Escarlata. They have very different views of how the story should have ended, so they decide to find the creator of the series and finally put an end to their argument.

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The Script

While Aldo is working on the script for a short film, his friend Bruno keeps him company with beer and small talk, unaware that the only characters in the script are the two of them.

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