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2007 | Color | 9 min

Alex, a young photographer from Mexico City, is hired by a fashion magazine to shoot their cover in Iceland. Ana, the beautiful model he´s brought along with him, mysteriously vanishes one morning, but leaves Alex a clue to find her. Alex tries to trace Ana, but quickly finds himself trapped in a maze that spread across Europe with no exit in sight

Country: México
Direction: Márquez; José, Aguilera; Javier
Script: Márquez; José, Aguilera; Jorge, Aguilera; Javier
Production: Aguilera; Jorge, Dávila; Víctor
Photography: Denti A. M. C.; Gerónimo
Cast:Ramírez; Igor, Anglada; Alejandra
Art direction: Enríquez; Bárbara
Participation year at FICM: 2007

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