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Edu-tainment Workshops during the 13th FICM

Hollywood, Health & Society (HH&S), a program of the USC Annenberg School’s Norman Lear Center, together with the World Bank, is conducting a series of activities at the 13th FICM to enhance awareness and understanding of the importance of “entertainment education” for behavior change and to strengthen abilities to tell compelling and effective stories.

The activities that will take place during the 13th FICM are:

Entertainment Education? TV and Film Can Be Good for Your Health
Wednesday, Oct. 28 | 5–7 p.m. | Teatro José Rubén Romero
Panelists from Hollywood, Health & Society, The World Bank and Cinépolis Foundation will discuss entertainment education (EE), showcase best practice examples in TV and film and highlight their own experiences in the creative process as it relates to public health messages in storytelling. Learn about other development themes and audience impact from an an international group of writers, producers and filmmakers from Hollywood, Bollywood (India) and Nollywood (Nigeria), who will demonstrate the power of entertainment to successfully raise awareness and influence behavior.

Interactive Storytelling Workshop*
Thursday, Oct. 29 | 9 a.m.–12 p.m. | Hotel Mansión Real Morelia
Stories that includes a health topic, sustainability or other development theme, accuracy is key to keeping audience engaged. Learn from an international panel of master storytellers featuring television and film writers and producers from Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood. They will facilitate a three-hour workshop that allows participants to:
– Hone their storytelling skills around health & development to make films and TV more compelling.
– Learn how to select the important aspects of your subject matter for meaningful & dramatic effect.
– Gain experience by telling their stories and receive feedback from the professionals.
Sponsored by Hollywood, Health & Society, the workshop will highlight key themes that are of particular relevance to public health and development.
*The storytelling workshop is for entertainment industry professionals.

Closing Session: To the Future and Beyond
Thursday, Oct. 29 | 2–5 p.m. | Hotel Mansión Real Morelia
This session will look at the future of entertainment education. Examples of new shows and projects in the works may be shared, such as Cinépolis’ ongoing EE programs in Mexico. Also, innovative tactics like mobile phone content, online shows, social media and other transmedia approaches will be discussed and demonstrated. Television networks and studios may share their commitments and plans for using their platforms to advance public health and pro-social topics. Attendees will be encouraged to think about how they can utilize what they have learned and incorporate it into their current and future projects.

Cinema Park Screening: Tour Convivir +
Thursday, Oct. 29 | 6-7:30 p.m. | Cinépolis Escala La Huerta, Calzada La Huerta 3000 Exhacienda La Huerta | Free Admission

Workshop & Presentation Panelists (More to Be Announced)
– Christian Borja-Vega. Economist, The World Bank.
– Jennifer Cecil. Consulting producer, “Hell on Wheels”.
– James Dowling. Director of development, Development Media International.
– Bond Emeruwa. Filmmaker & Creative Director/Co-Founder, Nollywood Workshops.
– Jose Carlos Ferreyra. Communications specialist, The World Bank.
– Kate Folb. Director, Hollywood, Health & Society.
– Mburugu Gikunda. Executive producer, “The Team”; Search for Common Ground.
– Arianna Legovini. Manager, Development Impact Evaluation, The World Bank.
– Vinta Nanda. TV writer-producer; director of The Third Eye.
– Victor Orozco. Economist, The World Bank.
– Indira Paez. Writer, Telemundo Studios/NBCUniversal.
– Alejandro Ramírez. Executive director, Cinépolis Foundation.