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2006 | Color | 118 min

Juan Pérez, the poorest of the poor, becomes famous after a fluke accident that appears to have been an attempted suicide to protest against the government for his miserable economic situation. The minister of economy, severely criticized for Pérez?s apparent decision to end his life, decides to reward him by giving him a house, a car and a job. But when other poor people (Pérez?s close friends) find out about his good fortune, they decide to imitate him, faking suicide attempts.
The terrified minister decides to declare poverty a crime to put an end to this problem once and for all. Pérez ends up behind bars. Three years later, Pérez is released and goes back to his previous life, but this time knowing he?s better off having been a rich man for one day than being poor forever...

Country: México
Direction: Estrada; Luis
Script: Estrada; Luis
Production: Estrada; Luis
Photography: Murguía; Patrick
Sound: Núñez; Santiago, Franco; Andrés
Music: Ojeda; Santiago
Cast:Beato; Carmen, Haza; Plutarco, Serrano; Antonio, Ochoa; Jesús, María Yazpik; José, Gil; Guillermo, Gómez Cruz; Ernesto, Armendáriz Jr; Pedro, Palacios; Silverio, Suárez; Cecilia, Zárate; Jorge, Alcázar; Damián, M; M
Participation year at FICM: 2011

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