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2016 | Color | 89:43

In the midst of an apocalyptic city, lives an old man obsessed with the idea of transforming his home into a cave. All by himself, he spends his days distilling and drinking alcohol extracted from stale bread. One day siblings Lucio and Fauna find his place and, in exchange for shelter, they accept to help him create his cave.

Direction: Rocha Minter; Emiliano
Script: Rocha Minter; Emiliano
Production: Hofmann; Sebastián, Gonzalez; Yann, Rocha Minter; Emiliano, Cosío; Moisés, Reygadas; Carlos, Chavezmontes; Julio
Photography: Alvarado; Yollotl
Sound: Umpierrez; Javier
Music: Aldrete; Esteban
Cast:Hernández; Noé, Évoli; María, Gamaliel; Diego
Art direction: García; Manuela
Participation year at FICM: 2016

Director Movies


A very unusual portrait of human solidarity. In the middle of the forest, two friends come up with a very clear plan to achieve transcendence. They build a mysterious artifact. What are they doing?

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