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2015 | Color | 88:00

Best friends and lovers Miguel and Johnny have known each other since childhood. They spend their life skateboarding with their friends in throbbing Mexico City. Selling their own blood and getting donors for the ER black market represent easy money for them. A big transaction of blood ends up bad for everyone involved. Miguel’s mother decides to send him out of the country. Away from Johnny, Miguel will face his own destiny.

Country: México, Alemania
Direction: Hernández Cordón; Julio
Script: Hernández Cordón; Julio
Production: Gómez; Sandra, Cruz; Maximiliano
Photography: Secco; María José
Sound: Muñoz; Axel Mishael, de Icaza; Alex
Music: Torres; Alberto, Bandana; Jazz, Dury; Baxter, Los Estrambóticos, Three Souls in My Mind, Galaxie, Bongcam; Erick
Cast:Calva Hernández; Diego, Martínez Peña; Eduardo (Pelukaz), Minter; Sarah, Casanova Miralda; Gabriel, Calderón Rivera; Shvasti, Moreno; Martha Claudia, Milkman
Art direction: Medrano; María Elizabeth
Participation year at FICM: 2015

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Ciudad isn’t a traditional portrait of a city; rather, the documentary offers a layered encounter with what emerges from within it. Carlos F. Rossini invites Maya Goded, Julio Hernández Cordón, and Nuria Ibáñez to co-direct an exploration of the gestures of Mexico City. The four directors choose their own unique starting points to immerse the viewer in an experience that presents a series of images—almost mirages— of this monumental metropolis.

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Marimbas from Hell

Don Alfonso is a courier and also plays the marimba. Accustomed to presenting his folkloric show at the fanciest hotels in Guatemala City, he begins to see people losing interest in the marimba which they consider an old-fashioned instrument. He meets Black, a doctor and pioneer of Heavy Metal underground, and the two decide to combine their talents and create “Las Marimbas del Infierno” that provokes diverse reactions among the people.

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