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1948 | B/N | 95 min

Mercedes earns a living as a cabaret dancer in the Salón México to pay for her sister Beatriz’s education. In spite of receiving the support and secret love of Lupe López, a policeman, Paco, her pimp, threatens to reveal her secret. This is the first attempt by Emilio El Indio Fernández to enter the world of cabaret melodrama. Sálon México shows both tragic love and the night life of Mexico City, framed perfectly by Gabriel Figueroa

Country: México
Direction: Fernández; Emilio
Script: Magdaleno; Mauricio, Fernández; Emilio
Production: Elizondo; Salvador
Photography: Figueroa; Gabriel
Sound: Solís; Rodolfo
Music: Díaz Conde; Antonio
Cast:Inclán; Miguel, Derba; Mimí, Cañedo; Roberto, López; Marga, Acosta; Rodolfo, Múzquiz; Carlos, Derbez; Silvia, Torvay; José
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2010

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During the Mexican Revolution, a macho rebel general falls in love with the independent-minded daughter of an aristocrat in the town he is occupying.

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José María and Maclovia’s great love is threatened by the wild passion that Sergeant De la Garza feels for the ravishing woman. Determined to possess her at all costs, the officer imprisons José María and offers Maclovia her lover’s freedom in exchange for her honor.

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After completing a prison sentence for wounding a rancher who sexually abused his girfriend Paloma, the peasant Aurelio returns to his land with the intention of starting a new life with her. But the animosity of the past is still alive and threatens the dreams he is willing to defend with his life. This is a magnificent rural drama, framed by the unsurpassable photography of Gabriel Figueroa. Land and women are worshipped here for their unique capacity of giving life.

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