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2000 | Color | 119 min

Based on a true story from 17th century France, the film follows Madame de Maintenon as she rises from humble beginnings to eventually marry King Louis XIV and open a school for girls. Conflict arises at the school when the girls begin demanding greater freedom, leading Maintenon to enforce an increasingly narrow set of regulations.

Country: Francia
Direction: Mazuy; Patricia
Script: Mazuy; Patricia, Thomas; Yves, Lauro-baranes; Philippe, Dangerfield; Yves
Production: Freyd; Denis
Photography: Mauch; Thomas
Sound: Morelle; Stéphane
Music: Cale; John
Cast:Kalfon; Jean-pierre, Reggiani; Simon, Balmer; Jean-francois, Marey; Anne, Huppert; Isabelle, Heiderscheidt; Ingrid
Participation year at FICM: 2011

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