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2011 | Color | 11 min 49 seg

In August 2007, after having some medical tests, I was diagnosed with bone cancer. This film is based on my memories of those days.

Country: México
Direction: Resendiz Gómez; Alberto
Script: Resendiz Gómez; Alberto
Production: Resendiz G.; Alberto, Hernández Maya; Brenda
Photography: Dávila Camacho; Víctor
Sound: Torres; Rodolfo, Herrera; Gabriel
Music: Vera; Héctor Ulises
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2011

Director Movies

Whispers of Light

Where is the image born? Gerardo Nigenda lost his sight permanently at the age of 26. He started taking pictures at age 32. He learned photography when he was the manager of the Braille System at the Manuel Álvarez Bravo Photographic Center, in Oaxaca, Mexico. This documentary shows us that it is not necessary to be able to see in order to create images these don´t come from sight exclusively.

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