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Poetas campesinos
1980 | Color | 47:07

Nicolás Echevarría follows a local circus group—made up of a poet and two little acrobats—during the festivities of San Felipe Otlaltepec, a village in the state of Puebla. Its inhabitants are so devoted to their local celebrations that they become unwitting participants in the show.

Direction: Echevarría; Nicolás
Script: Echevarría; Nicolás
Photography: Echevarría; Nicolás
Music: Suppé; Franz Von, Rossini; Gioachino
Participation year at FICM: 2022

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Echo of the Mountain

Santos de la Torre is a Huichol artist who lives isolated and unrecognized in his own country though a magnificent beadwork mural of his is displayed at the entrance of the Louvre, in Paris. This documentary follows him on his pilgrimage to sacred places, such as Wirikuta, "the land of peyote," in San Luis Potosí state, where he asks the gods to let him make a new mural showing the history, mythology, and religious practices of his people. 

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Cabeza de vaca

Crown treasurer to King Charles V from Spain, Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca sets sail for Florida in 1528 with more than 500 men. Exhausted from hunger and illness, the men arrive at the coast of Lousiana and are captured by the natives. Cabeza de Vaca is forced to become the slave of a shaman. He learns magic and healing arts and eventually earns his freedom. He begins a journey, fraught by bad weather and loneliness, but manages to find his mates. He runs away with them toward Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Sonora.

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