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2018 | Color | 21:23

Alina rides horses. She’s good at it. Alina smokes crack. She feels a special connection with people when she uses the drug. Alina wants to fit in, wants to be functional. But a calling, a crack inside of her, won’t allow it. Alina dreams of living a simple life, growing tomatoes. Her family has completely different expectations of her. Alina suddenly feels the urge to start talking about her own dreams. 

Direction: Baumeister; Laura
Script: Baumeister; Laura
Production: Kuhn; Teresa, Baumeister; Laura, Baumeister; Rossana, Haddad; Bruna
Photography: Kuhn; Teresa
Sound: Wheelock; Ricardo
Music: Lerner; Dylan
Cast:Arce; Stephanie, Franceries; Stephanie, Eames Arce; Kala, Toledo; Francel, Noguera; Tina
Art direction: Escoto; Alejandra, Solís; Deliana
Participation year at FICM: 2018

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Isabel in Winter

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