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2012 | Color | 27 min 47 seg

This film is a vertiginous voyage considering the impermanence and evolution of the relative value of things through certain lapses, spaces, ideas, conditions, beings and objects ? our attachment to them, to life, their way to the end, to their rebirth, to their transformation.

Country: México
Direction: Huerta Cano; Dalia
Script: Huerta Cano; Dalia, Villalobos; José
Production: Huerta Cano; Dalia
Photography: Huerta Cano; Dalia
Sound: de la Monja Casar; Esteban, González; Homero
Music: Schumann; Robert, of Sunder; Elegies, González; Pablo, González; Homero, de la Monja; Esteban, Naan
Cast:Akwei; Adotei, Calderón; Alicia, Becerra; Ana, Angélica, Hars-tschachotin; Boris, Cata, Jaksik; Dalibor, Harsch; Ernest, Villalobos; José, Ríos; Levi, Bubcke; Marko, Ruíz de la Fuente; Mirna, Valles; Tomás, Tris
Participation year at FICM: 2012

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