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2021 | Color | 110:00

In a Mexican mountain town, three girls turn the houses abandoned by fugitives into their playground. Away from the gaze of others, they dress up as women and find refuge in hiding places to escape from potential kidnappers. But the dark echoes of violence become an inevitable threat.

Country: México, Catar, Alemania, Brasil
Direction: Huezo; Tatiana
Script: basado en la novela de Jennifer Clement, Huezo; Tatiana
Production: Stark; Jim, Célis; Nicolás
Photography: Ludlow; Dariela
Sound: Esquenazi; Lena
Music: Lieberman; Jacobo, Heiblum; Leo
Cast:Batalla; Mayra, Ordóñez González; Ana Cristina, Membreño; Marya
Participation year at FICM: 2021

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A woman is recruited to a prison controlled by organized crime while another woman searches for her missing daughter. Through images that submerges us in a journey from north to south Mexico, both testimonies collide and take us to the center of a storm: a country where violence has taken control of our lives, our desires and our dreams.

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Lulú wakes to the silence of an empty house. After 5 years, absence has her living in a limbo that gives way to desire, hope and the struggle to find her 9-year old son Brandon and her husband, alive.

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The Tiniest Place

This is a story about humanity´s ability to rise up, rebuild and reinvent itself after suffering a tragedy. It is a story about an annihilated town that re-emerges through the strength and deep love of its inhabitants for the land and the people.

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