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2003 | B/N | 92 min

Lolo, a hacker with no sex appeal who spies on his neighbor Andrea with webcams and manipulates her life, joins and the criminals Tomson and El Nene, in a search for the 20 diamonds that the suspicious Russian Sbóvoda must give to El Nene in exchange for a CD made by Lolo with the secret passwords of a Swiss bank. The unexpected arrival of Andrea's love interest who comes from Spain to take her away, along with the inability of Lolo to live outside his virtual world, further complicate matters. Lolo mistakes the CD for another and the nighttime meeting with the Russian ends in a shoot-out from which El Nene and Sbóvoda —who flees with the diamonds— escape with injuries. While Lolo gets away and tries to deal with the disaster and regain control over Andrea's life, the criminals and Sbóvoda take refuge in a farmacy and a barber shop in the neighborhood. In less than two hours, fate and the diamonds change the lives of everyone.

Country: México
Direction: Rodríguez; Hugo
Script: Salinas; Martín
Production: Imperiale; Laura, Sosa; Martha
Sound: Barberis; Nerio, Esquenazi; Lena
Cast:Crespi; Lucas, Giménez; Daniel, Madrid; Carmen, Marta; Marta, Bianchi; Rosa María, Luna; Diego, Leaño; Enoc, Inclán; Rafael, Ochoa; Jesús, Montessoro; Eugenio
Art direction: Cabriada; Sandra
Participation year at FICM: 2003

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