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2014 | B/N | 8:40

After many years, Julian returns to the house where he grew up. He finds a closet that takes him back into the one of his most painful memories, one caused by his father.

Country: México
Direction: Castro Zimbrón; Daniel
Script: Castro Zimbrón; Daniel
Production: Bukantz; Karla, Hofmann; Henner
Photography: Santamaría; Bruno, Hernández García; Fernando, González Rivas; Sebastián, Linares Martínez; Jorge Luis
Sound: Enríquez; José Miguel, Villaseñor; Majo
Cast:Suárez; Jerónimo, Guadalupe; Nacho, Álvarez Rebeil; Fernando
Art direction: Aguillón; Marco Vinicio
Participation year at FICM: 2014

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Though the father of this family lives in the basement and has an insatiable appetite for raw meat, he is not the real beast of the story.

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