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2010 | Color | 113 min

Suffering from kidney deficiency, Uncle Boonmee has decided to spend his last days together with his loved ones in the countryside. To his surprise, the ghost of his deceased wife appears to take care of him, and his lost son returns in a non-human form. From that time on, Boonmee explores his past lives, and reflects on the reasons for his illness.

Country: Francia, Tailandia, España, Alemania, Reino Unido
Direction: Weerasethakul; Apichatpong
Script: Weerasethakul; Apichatpong
Production: De Meaux; Charles, Weerasethakul; Apichatpong, Field; Simon, Griffiths; Keith
Photography: Mukdeeprom; Sayombhu, Mingmongkon; Yukontorn, Pengpanich; Charin
Sound: Kalayanamitr; Akritchalerm, Shimizu; Koichi
Cast:Saisaymar; Thanapat, Kaewbuadee; Sakda, Kulhong; Kulhong, Pongpas; Jenjira
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2010

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