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2005 | Color | 121 min

Ranch hand Pete Perkins looks to fulfill the promise to his recently deceased best friend by burying him in his hometown in Mexico.

Country: México
Direction: Lee Jones; Tommy
Script: Arriaga; Guillermo
Production: Fitzgerald; Michael, Williams; Eric A., Le Pogam; Pierre-Ange, Lee Jones; Tommy, Besson; Luc
Photography: Menge; Chris
Sound: Bach; David
Music: Beltrami; Marco
Cast:Pepper; Barry, de León; Montserrat, de Luna; Jesse, Dillard; Richard, Henderson; Jourdan, Hennigan; Sean, Jones; Karen, Jones; Richard Andrew, Jones; Victoria, Molinar; Raul, Navarette; Adrian, Nelson; Lonnie, Pareja; Juan Gabriel, Dale Parks; Terry, Davis; Sonny Carl, Chávez; Uriel, Chavez; Diana, Cedillo; Julio, Yoakam; Dwight, Jones; January, Leo; Melissa, Helm; Levon, Rodriguez; Mel, Alvarez; Irineo, Arriaga; Guillermo, Berry; Josh, Boyce; Rodger, Broussard; Edwin “Bubba”, Campos; Lupe, Castro; Ariel, Pérez; Hugo, Reyes; Paulina, Guadalupe; Ignacio, Sánchez Parra; Gustavo, Espíndola; Jorge Adrián, Suárez; Cecilia, Campero; René, Lee Jones; Tommy, Rodriguez; Sergio, Sanders; Charles, Smiga; Brent, Spencer; Spike, Torres; Angelina, Tubb; Barry, Von Son; Guillermo, Bauche; Vanessa
Art direction: Knipp; Jeff
Participation year at FICM: 2005

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